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Missy’s Crochet Creations GIVEAWAY!!!

missys crochet 1

I first came across Missy’s Crochet Creations when she posted on our local buy, sell Facebook page. She was offering there to send anyone who changed their profile picture to pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month a beautiful pink crocheted snowflake. She wants to make this offer go viral!!

missys crochet 3

So, first, get your profile pic changed if its not already and head over to Missy’s Crochet Creations page and send her a message with your address and Missy will send you a beautiful pink snowflake! Make sure you give her page a like then find her post with this offer and share it with your friends! Lets help Missy make this viral!

Then come on back here and enter to win a set of 5 snowflakes of various sizes and colors!!

missys crochet 2

Missy also makes lots of other beautiful crocheted items- blankets, sweaters, angel ornamants and headbands to name a few!

Read More…

MiaMily HIPSTER Kickstarter Project!

I LOVE babywearing… just the fact that my little one is right there where I can kiss her pretty little face and catch all her smiles. Its priceless.

What I don’t like is the need for so many different carriers for every way I want or need to carry her each day.

SO when I saw this…

I fell in love..

Introducing the MiaMily HIPSTER  (Hip Baby Carrier)

1 carrier, 9 DIFFERENT ways to carry. No more achy arms, no more sore backs.

And apparently I am not the only mama out there who wants a carrier that does it all. The MiaMily HIPSTER Kickstarter project hit its goal of $25,ooo in less then a week!

Wondering what started this great new carrier? Check out the story below:

the MiaMily Story

When my daughter was 3 months old, I pinched a nerve in my back which caused excruciating pain whenever I picked her up. My doctor informed me that this injury was caused by carrying my daughter with bad posture.

My name is Cecilia, and my husband Alessandro and I live in Switzerland where we have no family nearby to help me out. As a mother, it’s the most frustrating feeling to not be able to pick up your crying baby to calm her.  But when I pinched the nerve in back due to excessive fatigue from carrying my baby, I was feeling the pain each time I held her, and could not even enjoy having her close. I was so desperate to find a solution that I went out and bought different types of carriers but none were perfect. It was from this need, that the HIPSTER™ was created.

We’ve all been there right? Maybe not the pain, but the need to hold your baby close even though your in the middle of making dinner or folding laundry or just trying to get some exercise in or run into the store for three items.

Right now for funding this great product you can get some pretty sweet deals including the MiaMily HIPSTER for $60 off!

Go check it out!


Putter’s Frugal and Fun 5th Birthday Party!

Where has the time gone?! Seems like just yesterday I was trying cloth diapers for the first time, while my sister in law was convincing me to start a blog about our crazy life. Putters was 5 months old….

Yesterday we celebrated her 5th! birthday!

Gabi turns 5-1

And we were reminded once again of what a great community we have moved to.

I was a little concerned being away from old friends and family that no one would show for her party, but amazingly, I think we had more guests yesterday then any other party we have had.

Her best friend came. That friendship amazes me. She met a little girl that lives a couple blocks away just after we moved in. They act like they have known each other forever. Putters doesn’t use her friends name when she talks to her, she just calls her “Friend.” When I ask her if she remembers her name, she says it but then says but I call her Friend because that is what she is. I love it.

We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on this birthday what with moving in costs and needing to buy things for the house but I think we did ok. Since it’s July and one of the things on her birthday wish list was a “real live army man” we went with a red, white and blue theme where we could.

While we didn’t have a ton of decorations or balloons etc. we had a great cupcake stand. Little Mama pulled out her bakers hat and created these Smore’s cupcakes. There is a graham cracker crust at the bottom, then chocolate cake mix half way, about a tablespoon of  marshmallow cream then more cake mix. Topped with a basic rich chocolate frosting and red, white and blue sprinkles, they were amazing!

Shh, don’t tell but I even ate one for breakfast. After I licked the frosting off, it became a muffin and those are healthy, right?

Gabi turns 5

We set up her little child sized table to hold her presents. Which we wrapped in brown paper cut out from paper bags and decorated with Sharpie Markers because I forgot to buy wrapping paper. She wants to save all the wrapping because she loves them…

Gabi turns 5-2

Her gifts almost all came from Family Dollar, my new addiction ;) and we spent less then $50 on not only the presents but all the white paper plates, red cups and blue forks. And we have a ton of those left over because they all came in huge amounts for $2-3 a package.

Her birthday wish list included: hot dogs, chips and soda, a hat like Daddy’s, a squirt gun bigger then her brothers, a unicorn, a Pegasus and a real live army man.

She got: a cute little ‘paint your own’ tea set, a huge squirt gun, some googles (Daddy got her a wading pool and our wonderful neighbors bought us a summer pass for the city pool for all the kids who have summer birthdays) a couple My Little Ponies, some new clothes and a brand new Carhartt hat, with the tag still attached (that I found at the thrift store and put in a bag of clothes during their $2 bag sale).

I also found a crystal punch bowl and lots of matching little crystal cups at the thrift store that were included in the bag sale. I made a giant red, white and blue float with little scoops of vanilla ice cream, frozen blueberries and red cream soda with the punch bowl.

One of our friends is in the National Guard and headed to Afghanistan early next year and he came so she even got her real live army man.

For the meal we served hot dogs we found at the store for 10/$10 and some chips, a friend brought his grill and on the invites we added “Bring a sidedish for some potluck fun”. We wound up with way more food then we could all eat and every one had a blast.

All the kids played in the wading pool with our bath toys and the puppy and no one said a thing about playing any games or being bored.

We had some great fellowship, lots of fun, fed almost 30 people and she got lots of presents all for less then $75.

Now I am on to the prepping for Juice Boxes 9th Birthday, he wants to go camping at Mt. Rushmore…

Sharpie Marker Review- Shoplet.com


Sharpie’s have had a long time permanent place in our home. I use them almost daily. We use them to mark our children’s clothing, their sports equipment, books, and toys. When you have kids, being able to permanently mark what belongs to whom is important!

Usually though, we have only have the black and red Sharpies. Having some new colors has been loads of fun!

I love the Metallic Permanent Markers for writing on dark colored objects such as this black paper I used to announce a Sunday Night Pizza Party at our house. It’s also great for writing names on the multiple glass cases that have appeared at our house since our last round of eye doctor checkups!

The Neon Permanent Markers have been a hit also. Everyone wants to use them and I have to constantly remind my kiddos that in our house Sharpies are an adult only tool ;) This mama has cleaned enough permanent marker off her walls to last her a lifetime. I let Gumball and Little Mama use them long enough to decorate these fun Sharpie sunglasses that came with my PR package. They had a lot of fun and Gumball LOVES her wear her “spygear” now. I love that she will now wear the sunglasses the eye doctor recommended she wear!

For my personal use I adore the Sharpie Premium Pen. It has a place of honor in my diaper bag and goes pretty much everywhere I go. It’s great for on the go marking of personal items while dropping Baby Belle off at the church nursery to make sure her things stay her things. I use it to write out quick shopping lists or just to write down a new friends phone number on my hand when I can’t find any paper. It’s sleek, pretty look makes it a great addition to any purse or diaper bag.

sharpie4I love the bright vibrant colors that Sharpie brings to us. I love that they don’t dry out a quickly as other permanent markers out there. And I  love that no matter what sort of marker or pen I need, Sharpie has it and I can find them all online at Shoplet.com along with lots of other office supplies, promotional products, promotional shirts, and office stationary!

This is a sponsored post. To see my disclosure policy please click  here.

Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand

I absolutely LOVE my Kindle Fire. One of the reasons I love it is the ability to look  up any recipe online and have it in the kitchen with me. I have been able to majorly reduce the amount of cookbooks we  have. Which is nice when you have a large family living in a SMALL space. Unfortunately though, my Kindle has been through the ringer because of this. I have set it in puddles of milk, dropped it, almost set it on a hot burner once…. it’s gotten to the point that I am scared to use my Kindle for kitchen purposes! I have a RooCase that I love for reading etc but it doesn’t hold my kindle up off the counter or table making it scary to use it around any liquids (or kids!) so I don’t like to use it when I am using the cookbooks on my kindle.

So, I was SUPER excited to get this Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand from Shoplet.com’s Office Supplies section for review. It holds my Kindle up off the table so I no longer have to fear spills. Spins so I can turn it toward me no matter which side of the counter I am working on and hold my Kindle securely so even when Gumball (4) comes in and decides to give the Kindle the ride of it’s life, it stays on the stand!

There is even a space underneath the stand so I can plug in the charger while it’s still on it! I love that. Never fails, every time I need my Kindle to make dinner or bake some cupcakes I have 15% battery left….


The Kantek tablet stand is even handy for reading while nursing, or just holding my Kindle up on my desk at eye level while I am scrolling through Facebook or emails. Even at night, reading while sitting in bed with the stand on my lap has made bedtime reading so much easier.

All this and it’s only $19.99 at Shoplet.com !

Shoplet.com also has lots of great Promotional Products for your business like Promotional Shirts and Office Stationary.

Shoplet.com is the place to get all your home or work office needs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Did you know that it is Valentine’s Day?

Did you?!

If so, you shoulda reminded me…

Just saying!

I woke up this morning and realized I was completely unprepared…

I started the week out with good intentions.

The kids were going to learn all about the history of the day, how chocolate was made, make all the neighbors Valentine bags with cookies and cute notes. And lots more….

Then today…

None of that had gotten done. Wait! We did learn about the chocolate.

Putters…. OOPS, GUMBALL… came running out this morning yelling, “It’s VALENTINES!!! Where is my chocolate!!” And I didn’t have any… I completely forgot my own kids Valentine’s gifts.

Hubs left for work and an hour later I realized I hadn’t even wished him Happy Valentines Day let alone gave him a gift or even a goodbye kiss…

So here’s to all the other moms out there caught totally unprepared for this day..

It’s ok…

Everyone will survive…

and even better…

There is still time in the day to make a up a quick batch of V-Day sugar cookies! ;)

Here is a great Gluten Free sugar cookie recipe I found over at Against All Grain!

Go redeem the day!

What’s Going On?

Just in case anyone has been wondering what’s been happening with our growing family and why I am not on here writing posts every day, or even weekly… here is a quick  update…

Baby Belle will be 6 months on Saturday. Because she is spoiled rotten she still refuses to roll over, sit up without assistance or play on her floor mat for more then ten minutes. ;) This means… she must be held. By none other then me of course… and while a part of me wants a little freedom, the rest of me knows that this attachment won’t last forever and I want to enjoy every moment of it that I can!

(For those of you worried that she isn’t hitting those milestones… she can secretly do all of those and more.. just only when she thinks no one is watching.)

Yesterday she said “Mama” and “Dada” for the first time!

We are struggling with home school. It is difficult to teach 6 other kids with a baby attached to you and major sleep deprivation. And only one computer… especially when they all do school ON the computer. We use www.allinonehomeschool.com and while I absolutely LOVE it, I do at times wish they did more book work etc… so I could get on the computer too! By the time I get the computer, I am so tired of helping everyone do school I don’t want to do anything with it…

We are currently living in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment. Yep… nine of us. While it’s nice living next door to my parents and it’s great having a roof over our head… it’s a little cramped. The arguing about personal space is non stop.There is no breathing room… or any room. While I have majorly downsized we still have a lot of “things” and the clutter just presses in… somedays I think I will loose my mind. This should lead to some great posts about living in small spaces… LOL

To top it all off I really miss this…

Home… Wide open spaces….Seeing cows and horses outside my window… hot coffee on cold mornings on the porch listening to the owls hoot and the mama cows call to their babies… I miss the dust storms… and even the huge bull snake that liked to scare me in my garden…

I miss seeing my kids climb trees and fight off wild Indians, coyotes and mountain lions…

Pretend tree branches were wild horses to be tamed…

Walk their little sister around the yard on snake watch…

Use the horse trough as a swimming pool…

Catch frogs and walk through my house covered in mud…

I miss seeing them work TOGETHER!

It just seemed like ranch life made us closer… everyone looked out for each other. Helped each other. There wasn’t a chance to be bored. There was too much to do… to see… to learn about…

So we are currently looking for a new ranch hand job. Anywhere.

“Oh give me a home
Where the buffalo roam
Where the deer and the antelope play…
Where seldom is heard
A discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day”

Has become my mantra!

In the meantime… I am going to try my best to get back to this blogging thing and keep everyone updated with what’s going on. First, because it gives me an outlet… and keeps me from loosing my mind! Second… I miss everyone!

I want to start hosting a weekly review/giveaway and I am looking for sponsors for the first few to get me back up and running. Any family friendly products are welcome! If you are a small company or a WAHM and are interested shoot me an email

misadventuresof8 at yahoo dot com

After going through several kids our stroller was done. The tires sagged, the basket drooped, the buckles wouldn’t snap half the time. It was time for a new one. Only problem… hubs was still unemployed and I didn’t have over $150 to purchase a fancy stroller guaranteed to last more then a few months.

Since we no longer had a vehicle I also needed something for trips to the store. A large basket was a must, one that could support a couple gallons of milk without dragging on the ground. I needed something that could handle the sand on the beaches just a stone’s throw away. Something that could hold my coffee cups. Something super easy to push. Something that took up little room when folded since we don’t have a closet to store it in when it’s not being used. Something that looks great when being used…

I had $50 to spend.

This seemed impossible!

Then a friend mentioned her Jeep stroller. I LOVED the last Jeep stroller we owned, but was dumb enough to sell it for a double I wound up not being able to push after our second child was born. So I took a look. The Jeep Umbrella strollers were nice, cheap enough, but there isn’t really a basket! When I saw the Cherokee Sport though, I got excited!

This pretty little thing cost less then $50, has a large enough basket to hold two gallons of milk, a loaf of bread, pound of cheese, dozen eggs, two boxes of cereal, a jar of peanut butter and a pound of dry beans with room to spare! AND even filled with all that, didn’t drag on the ground! I love that I can get into the basket from the front as well as the back. Even better? Fully loaded down, it was a dream to push! I could steer it around with one hand even!

It even has cute little “saddle bags” to hold baby’s toys, pacifier, a spare diaper…

I also love the one handed folding feature and the fact it stand up when folded making it super easy to slide into a closet or the back of my parents van.

Since we live on the Oregon Coast I also purchased a great weather shield like this one. It protects against rain, bugs, and wind. Which we get plenty of here! I love that the one I purchased has vents on the side that I can open to let in some air without it being too windy for Belle to breathe while we take walks. It takes seconds to put on or take off and keeps Belle protected from just about everything.

If your looking for a great stroller, but don’t want to spend an arm and leg, I highly recommend the Jeep Cherokee Sport. It’s sturdy, cute, practical and affordable. This stroller also comes in red!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased these items on my own and loved them so much I had to tell my readers about them.

Christmas & New Year just got over & it was a great fun as we (my two wonderful kids & loving husband) went to vacation. However, before we leave for trip I wanted to give gifts to my relatives & close friends. I strongly believe in giving gifts as it’s the best way to show you care, spread love & bring smile on your loved ones face. Due to lack of time I looked for gifts online & I was astonished to get big Christmas clearance sale deals which helped me save lot of money.

If you are a gourmet or if by any chance your friend happens to be a food connoiseur, you can check out the collection at Harry and David. I recently ordered bakery items from the website and was delighted with the wide array of options available and the prompt delivery. Since I am a huge fan of delicacies and savory treats, this website was the perfect for me.

An assortment of New Year treats are available to choose from. Amongst these, New Year baskets are very much in and are packed with amazing snacks which will make you drool. There are different combinations available depending on the kind of gift you are looking for. Snacks include chocolates, cookies, smoked salmon, wines and much more. Going by the trend, wine and chocolates is a favorite combination and there is an exclusive range of items available if you are a wine and chocolate lover.

If you are not a chocolate fan, then you can treat yourself to the delicious cheesecakes available here. The cheesecakes of Harry and David are quite loved and even delivered to the best restaurants. There are a number of varieties available and you can indulge in the delights of these exquisitely prepared cheesecakes by simply getting them delievered to your doorstep.

So, if you are looking for something economical, then you can certainly opt for Harry and David. Not only will you get a good deal, but also something worth your money. It’s time to treat yourself to some of the finest delicacies!


thanksgiving photo: 7 Thanksgiving-Image-2.jpgThis past year has been full of surprises and blessings… heartbreak and tears… and though at this point in our lives it would be easy to wonder what there is to be thankful for, I want to take a few minutes to list the blessings we do have.

For those of you who don’t know, we moved in January to a beautiful town in Eastern Oregon, where our kids blossomed and grew and made friends and life was simple and good, though it was filled with hard work. We found out there that we were to be blessed again after being told that we were unable to get pregnant ever again due to a molar pregnancy a few years ago. In August we welcomed baby number 8 to our family, and lost our wonderful home. Though there were other jobs in the area, there was not any other housing available and we had to move back to the Oregon Coast. Though it’s beautiful here, it has just never felt like home, like Eastern Oregon did.

We moved into a tiny apartment, with 9 people. We lost our vehicle. Employment has been unattainable here.


We are healthy.

Our daughter survived a traumatic birth and has grown and has no side effects from all that happened (I don’t believe it would of turned out as well had she been born here. I often wonder if her survival was the whole reason for us going to Eastern Oregon)

We have a home. It may not be huge, with personal space for everyone… but everyone has a bed, it’s warm, dry and filled with love and nearby family to help us when needed.

My kids are thriving in home school due to someone turning me onto Easy Peasy All In One Curriculum. It’s an amazing FREE curriculum. We could not afford any other at this time.

We are blessed with friends, old and new. As well as a great home school community.

We have everything we need even though we have no income! We have been blessed with a home, clothing, household items, food, even a pet bunny (and everything a bunny needs) for my daughter that told us that is ALL she wanted for her birthday. It’s been amazing watching God take care of every need, and even a lot of wants for my family.

We have even been blessed this past week with some amazing weather that is very unlike our area. Temperatures have soared into the 70’s and low 80’s with tons of sunshine, and we have spent time at the park and beach and just enjoying life.

I am blessed with parents that not only are there for us when ever we have a need, or just to listen, or take the kids for a while when I need a break but they are putting together the entire Thanksgiving meal for us all… which means I get to enjoy this wonderful weather with my children, rather then spend this week in the kitchen.

And the last couple days we have been blessed with neighbors and friends calling because they are needing odd jobs done… with Christmas coming, we need all the help we can get!

These are just a few of the ways we have been blessed.What are some of your blessings?